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Rose Quartz is long believed to be the gemstone of love. If one lacks love in their lives or is seeking a partner, Rose Quartz is thought to be able to allow the wearer to remove the obstacles in their lives permitting love to find its way to them.
This season we are busy promoting some of our new colours and themes. Looking at Pastels, Oranges and Blues, that Carnelian, Apatite and Turquoise along with Chalcedony and Rose Quartz.

We also have a new promotion on encouraging you guys to sign up to our newsletter and get your half price jewellery.
It all about pearls as far as I’m concerned. I am officially the worlds laziest dresser and Pearls make everything so stylish and so easy. Here they are in the flesh.

This Season is all about the Pastel, but I think its great to have a rage of variety. Coming soon will me more pastels such a my twist on such as Umba Sapphire and Pearls, prehnite and rose Quartz and delightful Apatite.
More to come this week including 20% off your first purchase, and 25% off your second purchase, if your friend buys too.
Well its been an uphill struggle and I am pleased to say that the Gem Lady is open for business. I have changed and developed my style over the years and will continue to do so. hope you like what you see and in case you do there is a 20% discount waiting for your first Code is gem2014.

I have included in the designs Limited Edition, this is simply when the stones are hard to get hold of and there is a shortage of like the Star Rose Quartz and Sunstone.

May not be to everyones taste but you can’t please everyone. My favourite is the Turquoise and 925 gold plated earrings, they make you stand out in a crowd.

One stone we rarely see or perhaps don’t recognize is Green Amethyst its unassuming and elegant like these drop earrings.

Whatever your taste your welcome to pop by at
Never get stumped when looking for a gift for someone special, try to keep in neutral that way it will match may items in their wardrobe.

Myths and legends suggest that when a person wears agate that they become more agreeable and easier to get along with. It thought in Brazil to be a cure against poisonous snakes and scorpion bites.

The Gem Lady in London

We offer our creations in a range of gemstones such as Citrine, Rose Quartz and Pearls.The Gem Lady in London’s bespoke range of stunning gemstone jewellery add a touch of sparkle to any outfit.

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