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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Margaret aka the Gem Lady.  You may have arrived here via an opt in to my news letter or medium the aim of the blog is to keep you up to date with fashion and to educate you about Gemstones. Please feel free to comment. I hope you enjoy it. I welcome your input as I am a total newby. I have a store on Amazon and you are welcome to browse and have a look. I have a unique way of looking at things and my handmade jewellery won’t be found eslewhere, unless I am copied of course. Anyway please enjoy.

Have you ever struggled to buy a gift or present for a friend, you know their likes and dislikes but when it comes to jewellery and clothing we all hesitate, will they like it won’t they.

One easy way if they’re close to you is to check out their wardrobe, offer to rearange it for them and code it for them, light to dark. That way you get to see what their favourite colours are also their style of clothing, you then get to go out and buy them something that matches or compliments what they already have.

This season I would like to highlight a designer that I noticed in Ladbroke Grove in London his designs are absolutley fantastic and remind me of the 50’s they are designes so that they are easy to wear ans suit just about every size imaginable he has the ability to custome make clothing at no extra cost.

His name is Peter May and his gowns can be found at Here are a sample of some of his beautiful work and creations

The Gem Lady in London

We offer our creations in a range of gemstones such as Citrine, Rose Quartz and Pearls.The Gem Lady in London’s bespoke range of stunning gemstone jewellery add a touch of sparkle to any outfit.

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